Automation System in Sport Centres

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You will manage your courts, and business from any part of the world. There is no need to have anyone long hours supervising your business.


Nowadays, technology plays a critical role, and automation system is taking over businesses. Smart Padel builds systems preventing humans from carrying out manual and repetitive tasks.

We have years of experience in different industries and infinitive hours of development. Thanks to the commitment over the years, another door has opened in the sports world. Our mission is to enhance sports centre management by applying automation systems.

What is the Smart Padel Architecture?

Smart Padel Automation consists of two main modules:

The software

Smart Padel Interface

It is the operational centre where you will set rules based on the workflow of your business. You will track all the data, and also you can overrule triggers already configured.

Furthermore, you are controlling your business from a single point with no presence. You can integrate with your booking platform by API and have all your club automated. 

Smart Cloud Center

All the venues you control will be stored in this database, which you can use for more deep consultations. Historical reports are always valuable for studying how much you are saving. Besides, it will notify you when your venue is experiencing any issues. 

Smart Cloud Center

You can download your Smart Padel App for Android & iOS, where you can easily monitor what’s happening at the venue by interacting with your user-friendly interface.

The hardware


Operates like a computer that saves data that allows the event’s trigger. It will notify you if it loses signal with any device, but will carry on the task without connection. . 

Add-on ‍

Counts with many inputs and outputs. Both digital and analogue. You can connect temperature sensors, humidity, keyboards, RFID access cards, etc. 


Play a very important part in the hardware. Keypads and geolocation lighting control are the most popular in racquet sports. 

What are the key features ?

As a manager, you want to have control of your business, although – why should you be present at the venue? Let me explain this.

Most clubs are already integrated with booking platforms; Playtomic is the most reliable and solid.  You took the first step, and it is time to pair it with Smart Padel, let the club work for you, and save time and money.

  • Device management: Stay in control and interact with your devices regardless of location. You can change settings, activate/deactivate or update the firmware of your devices.
  • Rules engine: The rules engine handles the operating logic. Applying complex activity flows, allowing interaction with all system elements.
  • Customized control panel: Create your custom control panel on different devices.
  • Triggers: When you receive data, we store it, and it will apply a simple statement; IF-THEN-ELSE.
  • Receive notification: You will receive a notification when something is not working.

What are the key features ?

Smart Padel allows integrated and automated control and management of all the systems and facilities of a building (air conditioning, lighting, electricity, security, telecommunications, multimedia, IT, etc.).

Utilizing the Smart Padel interface is easy and intuitive; our team will teach you all you need to know. Our mission is not only selling a product, but also offering a solution.


Being part of this digital era will demand to keep you updated. If you see this as an investment in the future of automation of the sports centre, you are right.

Automation systems will make your life easier and add value to your business. Managing your courts and tracking the traffic in your club. Collecting valuable data, and ensuring efficiency in your resources. 

There is no need to have anyone long hours supervising your business. You will manage it from any part of the world. 

If you have a reliable booking platform like Playtomic. You are already digital; let’s take it to the next level. Pairing Smart Padel will help you to have your Smart Business.